Wednesday, July 03, 2013

French corner

French is my mother-tongue, so I wanted to talk about people who have this common with me...

I chose one band, one singer, one actor and one journalist:

pictures from Google, Twitter and Pinterest

1) Vincent Glad : journalist
He's the one who continues to make me want to be a journalist. He writes for several newspapers and works for TV too (Canal +) and created a job with what he likes : web technologies and information.

2) Thomas Dutronc : singer & guitar player
He's got famous parents, but I really appreciate his music which doesn't look like everybody's. Plus, he's a super guitar player and he's completely amazing (and good-looking!!)

3) Raphaël Personnaz : actor
He's my last crush and we'll hear a lot about you this summer : he plays Marius in the remake of Pagnol's films. Plus his character in La Stratégie de la Poussette is sooooo cute!

4) Phoenix : band
Ahhhhh, I'm a big fan of them for years!!! and their last album is great (they have songs called 'bourgeois', 'drakkar noir' or 'oblique city'...French words in English, I love it!). and the singer  (Thomas Mars)'s wife is Sofia Coppola.

“I don't always think of you
As untitled, insecure, Chloroform
I would rather stand if you stay
Why would I lie to you?
My love, my love, my love, my love is
My love, my love, my love it is
My love, my love, my love, my love is
Buckle up, we'll chase each other
It's not a lot it's just enough to matter
Anyway you want the truth is
I will marry you on Tuesdays …”         >    Phoenix  

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