"Bags we carry around contain fragments of yesterday..."    >  Eskobar

Lau' is a piece of my full name, but that's the way I call me when I talk to myself too...

I am a twenty(-and-a-bit-more)-year-old brunette student from Switzerland who dreams to live and work in England one day...maybe as a journalist? or as a French teacher? writing and publishing a book is one of my dreams too (I'm writing since I can hold a pen...).

I began this blog, because I wanted to show my drawings and photographs and nails. It's also a great way of  exploring  my creativity and expressing myself with things I enjoy and that make me smile and be happy (music - I play the flute - has a big part in my life that's why I like writing  lyrics to accompany my pictures or my nails!).


PS: You can write me in English or French

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