Monday, June 23, 2014


To make this manicure, you just have to do some dots and joining them to have this pattern!

"Could you love me when the world is crashing all around?
You can try and be someone you're not
If that's the rift that you wanna cause
You can do the life of a bohemian
Or you can choose the material world
But all I need is somewhere to lay
Somewhere to lay my head on
I need someone to love in the middle of the day
I want someone to be
And someone to drive around town....."   > The Kooks

* T-shirt = Billabong / nail polishes = Nicole by OPI : 'Iceberg lotus' & 'Selena', Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'.

Friday, June 13, 2014

lucky day!

 ...and happy as well (I finished my exams!)

“Did you hear the thunder?
Or the rain?
Means I’m coming home again
Means I’m coming home my friend…”  > George Ezra

*nail polishes = 'Selena' Nicole by OPI ,  'rock the boat'  & 'mint candy apple' Essie / dress = LaRedoute.

Monday, June 02, 2014

everyday inspiration (in summer and +++)

I'm not a big fan of her music, but I LOVE her preppy vintage simple casual style!!

“I have to take your hand and feel your breath for fear this someday will be over
I pulled you close, so much to lose knowing that nothing lasts forever
I didn't care, before you were here
I danced in laughter with the ever after
But all things change, let this remain…”               > Pearl Jam