Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter decoration

My mum adores a selection of what she did for Easter.
Have a nice weekend and eat chocolate :)

"I saw a fox by the rabbit hole
You saw a prince from a fairy tale
He promised that he'd watch over you
He turned out to be the fox we all knew

If I've got to be true, what chance did you stand.
Take flight, turn tale, get out while you can.

Run rabbit run, as fast as you can. Don't look back.
Run rabbit run, as fast as you can. Don't look back..."    > The Hoosiers

* nail polishes = Mavala, Essence, OPI

Monday, March 25, 2013


I tried the reptilian nail polish by Essie. I really like the result even if it is a bit more difficult to have a nice pattern than the metallic polishes I used before...(oh, and thanks to my cat for her help on pictures!)

You're an animal
Don't take anything less..."    > Muse

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

waiting for spring

Today's spring! but it's raining today (and we had snow few days ago...)! Fortunately, there are nail polishes and pencils :)

“Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain…”       > Dolly Parton

* jacket = Only / nail polishes = OPI, Mavala, Kiko

Saturday, March 09, 2013

"This is the most important hour of your week"

The Hour. I watched the entire second season of this British series - starring Ben Whishaw as Freddie Lyon -  in one week. I completely loved the plot, characters, clothes and, most of all, the 50's vintage atmosphere!
For me, it is a great series to see!

found on Google & Pinterest
 Freddie Lyon : handsome genius British journalist who tells poetry = 
"They say everything,
But nothing you control,
'cause there's always tomorrow..."       > Anastacia

Monday, March 04, 2013

I see life in black&white

yes, again...
still a week!

I saw them live and their show has the same stark gloomy melancholic universe which is already present in their songs and the design of their albums.

Can't wait more!

"No love, no light, no end inside
And I’m looking for a miracle
And I’m looking for a miracle
But I hope, I pray, and I will fight
Cause I’m looking for a miracle
Cause I’m looking for a miracle

There’s a place I wanna go
And a life I wanna know..."   > Hurts