Monday, April 30, 2012

Choice. Irregular Choice.

1) I named this post like that, because I watched a James Bond film last weekend...  haha...

2) Choice. Because I listened to The Hoosiers's second album today...and one of their song followed me from then...

3) I love shoes and I adoooooore this trend! We are in spring and we have to wear COLOURS!! J
Don't you think there are incredible?

and this is THE  boutique, on Carnaby Street (London):

"Stop giving me choices
Stop giving me choices...."   
> The Hoosiers

PS: You already saw mine!!! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

L - O - V - E (is a four letter word)

Last week, I was reading a newspaper in the bus when I saw the name of Jason Mraz and, below, the words 'new album out now'.
I thought : " What???" and when I went back home, I just checked to have more information. and I bought it!
So, what do I think about this album?
It is so good, with really pretty songs which make you want to dance or, at least, to smile... and the lyrics are so beautiful too...
Here, pictures which summary it :

by : StreetArtUtopia

“It’s not hard for me to love you
 Hard for me to love you
 No, it’s not a difficult thing
 No, it’s not hard for me to love you
 Hard for me to love you unconditionally
 No, it’s not hard for me to love you
 Hard for me to love you
 No, it’s not a difficult thing.
 It’s not hard for me to love you
 Hard for me to love you, because you are the world to me
 No, it’s not hard for me to love you
 Hard for me to love you
 No it’s not a difficult thing (No, it’s not a difficult thing)
 It’s not hard for me to love you
 Hard for me to love you (really it’s not hard),
 Because you are the world to me,
Yeah the world as I see it, is a remarkable place...”     

“No, I don't mean to change you
You've got it under control
You wake up each day different
Another reason for me to keep holdin' on
I'm not attached to any way you're showing up
I'm just gonna love you like the woman I love…”


- If you don't already know Jason Mraz, check my favourite songs from him: here
- "The Freedom Song" clip

Saturday, April 21, 2012

grey isn't equal to dull!

I used to think that grey was sad and dull...maybe because it was the color of clouds when it rains...but I've changed my mind, grey is chic and easy-to-wear!
Why? I listened the new Jason Mraz's album (I will soon write about it, promise!or you can check my favourite songs from him), but the main part of the answer just follows :

"Grey skies clouding up the things we used to see with wide eyes
Maybe everything was meant to be this way
Will it ever change
But are we stuck here on our own
It's all gone grey..."                                  > Yellowcard

* nail polish = OPI (appears here!) / skirt = NafNaf / tight = ?? / T-shirt = Mango

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Make-up Call"

I don't usually wear lots of make-up, but I wanted to share with you my few beauty this post is for you! and I hope you'll like it.
I just present you my favourite items (by Max Factor and MAC, but I also like Benefit, Bourgeois and OPI for nail polishes...).

This ad is so beautiful (it makes me want to buy this mascara...), don't you think??

“The first time ever I saw your face,
I thought the sun rose in your eyes,
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave,
To the dark and endless skies, my love…”                        > George Michael

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Noel Gallagher VS Liam Gallagher (or ??)

I wanted to talk! (one of the thing I live for)
Everybody may knows that Oasis split up few years ago...and last year, Liam Gallagher recorded an album with Beady Eye (which consist on the other members of Oasis, except his brother). At that time, I downloaded their songs; I really like it, especially "The Roller" .
But just before Christmas, I saw an interview of Noel Gallagher on TV and fell completely in love with "If I had a gun"... , so I decided to buy his album - that I listen, re-listen, listen and re-listen until now. I'm unable to listen something else...(but I listened - once - few other recent albums too...).

These are the CDs that deserve more attention from me (and that are waiting on my desk...):
- Making Mirrors by Gotye
- Pony Pony Run Run by Pony Pony Run Run
- Running Still by Charlie Winston
- I'm with you by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

"Everywhere I go go
Everytime you see me
Everytime I feel sorry
Everywhere I'll go, you'll be near..."  > Pony Pony Run Run

And I wish you a Happy Eastern!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"Noeud" me quitte pas

Nodes, nodes, nodes...I'm just mad about them! I collect lots of items with this, some of them, but I have more J (one appears here!)

“Hey soul sister,
I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight…”     > Train


Plus, this is spring, I have lots of lovely songs to share with you! (check my playlist or my favourite music website)

*necklace = Accessorize / belt = LaRedoute / ring = Dorothy Perkins / belt = TopShop / shoes = ???