Monday, January 23, 2012

I need colour

Winter is grey...
This is a selection of gaudy shoes* that I completely adore!
and the "to-die-for" Christian Louboutin's boutique!

"Red and yellow, pink and green, purple and orange and blue.
Are all of the colours I see my love, everytime I see you..."   > Angus & Julia Stone
* Zara / Miu Miu / DorothyPerkins / Miu Miu / Casadein / Louis Vuitton

Monday, January 16, 2012

Black & White H&M

I got an email from H&M (!) this weekend and it was about their new collection : Black And White.
Black and white? I'm not a big fan, especially in winter, but I went in the first H&M shop I saw, and had a look. By the way I bought a black and white (!) T-shirt which is soooo great!!!

PS: I accessorized it with red nail polish and "black&white&red" shoes...

"Could be clear
Black and white
Make a decision
Got a need inside and I don't know why
It's a strong feeling that grows and grows ...."   >  INXS

* T-shirt + jeans = H&M / shoes = Irregular Choice  (already appear here!)

Saturday, January 07, 2012


“It was a long and dark December, from the rooftops I remember there was snow, white snow..." 
  > Coldplay

Monday, January 02, 2012

Wish-List for 2012

I only have one wish for this new year (for the moment) and my nail polish will help me (I hope so) :

"I wish every day could be like Christmas
And if I could have one wish come true
I wish every day could be, full of peace and harmony
I wish every day could be like Christmas, I do..."          > Bon Jovi

* nail polish = OPI

Sunday, January 01, 2012


2012, here we are! I wish you all the best for this new year!

And I decided to take one resolution :

J'prends plus de résolutions..."   >  Thomas Dutronc