Sunday, September 08, 2013

Alex + Alex (music review)

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1. Alex (Kapranos) = Franz Ferdinand

FOUR YEARS after Tonight (which unfortunately hadn't much success...even if I really really like their funny lyrics ('Twilight Omens', 'Ulysses', 'No you girls',...)), here are 10 new songs!
Okay, I don't (already) understand everything they say ("We're fresh strawberries..."*/"Car keys choose your keys..."**), but their music still sounds as FF but with some very nice improvements (choir, rythme, trumpets or hypnotic chorus).
And Alex's voice is great, excited and sexy with his improbable tones. This is a great album to dance, jump, run or to make some exercice :)
So, yes, I love this album and it could become my favourite one!

2. Alex (Turner) = Arctic Monkeys

Okay, I already wrote about this album (here), but I was OBLIGED to make a review. Why? It is awesome! Okay, Alex's voice is soooooooo sexy, but music is amazing (bass on 'Knee socks' or 'I want it all', guitar on 'Do I wanna know?' or drums on 'Snap out of it'), more mature and lyrics are still good ("Secrets that I have held in my heart are harder to hide that I thought..."*** / "I can't explain but I want to try, There's this image of you and I..."****)
One negative point? I worried they'll become too American...because, yes, we feel this sunny hip-hop californian influence on their work. Not bad. Yet.
Love it, but should be my 2nd favourite of their albums ; 1st = Worst Favourite Nightmare...

"I'll meet you coming backwards
I'll meet you coming back
When the universe has expanded
Time will contract
You'll come back..."  
> Franz Ferdinand

"And her lips are like the galaxy's edge
And a kiss the colour of a constelation
falling into place..."

> Arctic Monkeys


* 'Fresh Strawberries'
** 'Brief Encounters'
*** 'I wanna be yours'
**** 'Fireside'

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