Tuesday, January 14, 2014

beau - tip

I began to polish my nails 6 years ago...don't really remember exactly when, but what I do remember is an advice my mother gave me once :
Never paint the entire nail, but let some space on each side, it will give an effect of length.
Since then, I always did that way and find it much  cleaner, less "heavy" and classy...

(this is only my personal opinion and I'm not judging anyone...I know that I have no qualifications about beauty so you can disagree with my point of view)

and this technic applies for feet too!

“ ’cause I sold my spirit for your soul
I felt it running through my fingertips
I love you more than you will know
And I hope you understand
My strength lies in your hands

You took my only one, when I only wanted love,
When I only wanted love…”                                      Boy & Bear**

* nail polish : 'Lucky Lucky Lavender' by OPI
** you can also check my playlist for 2013 (they're in!)

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