Friday, March 28, 2014

what on earth is going on?

1) cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt and beautiful Emma Watson looking amazing together at the Oscars' ceremony!

2) absolutely gorgeous prints from Peter Pilotto x Target!

3) new video clip from Arctic Monkeys : 'Arabella' which is so visual and retro...

4) new (and super easy) way to do my nails!!

5) Foster the People are back! How is this new album?  Torches was INCREDIBLY enjoyable and  I love every single song. This one sounds different even if there are some great tunes, like "Ask Yourself", "The Truth" or "Are you what you want to be?"(maybe I'll make a review soon!)

6) weather isn't warm enough to wear summer dresses, so I draw them...

7) my mum began to bake fantastic (and delicious) cakes!!


“If there's another way it is hiding from us darling
 'Cause the outside world doesn't need our help tonight
Drunken satellites in the orbit of our earth
In the gentle night little whispers draw us closer …”    >  Tired Pony

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