Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miles Kane

This young English musician (25) who has a real sexy voice, was the vocalist and lead-guitarist ot The Rascales (listen to "Bond Girl"/"Out of Dreams") and the co-former of The Last Shadow Puppets (with Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys!!just listen to "Standing next to me"!). He just released his own solo album, Colour of the Trap (2011).
Besides, he was dating Agyness Deyn...
And I love what is doing!!

"You're million miles,
A million miles away,
So come closer..."

"Most of the things that you say, I don't understand but I will sit and listen..."

"Take this night from me girl,
You're stunningly divine,
You're the love i've been searching for,
Cos i will be true and be faithful and that's not like me,
So take the night from me..."

"Once I thought that I was over you,
Now you're back and I'm falling like a fool,
You know the one I am..."

"Love seems strange to me..."

PS: Don't you think he sounds like his friend, Alex Turner?

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