Friday, November 04, 2011

Autumn Girl

« Autumn brings, a touch of pain.
Bitter reminder of a spring rain
Autumn girl, are you listening?
Autumn girl, sweat is glistening,
like the heat from a thousand midnights…“        > Baltimore Shrubbers

„The girl from all those songs
Who made everything feel right
She came in like an angel
Into your lonely life
And filled your world with light
Oh and everybody told you you're oh so lucky
Curtains part revealing a country scene
Clothed in green and brown
Evidence of Autumn
And leaves of red
On a winding lane and biway
Walking on that road is a certain girl
And all the world in one
Guaranteed to move you and turn your head
When all's been said and done …“                     > Genesis

*  Left to right : Drew Barrymore , Christina Hendricks, Jay Tyler Ferguson, Florence Welch, Cynthia Nixon, Sea Of Shoes.
*Nail polish = Essence, "be optimistic"

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