Saturday, July 28, 2012

(deep) Purple

Even if one of my best friends hates this colour, I completely love it : purple!
(and I found the perfect purple nail polish (from Kiko)!)

And today's a special day too!
First day of the Olympic Games*?
Well, no, in fact, this is the 1st year of my blog's existance!
When I started, one year ago, I wanted first to share my drawings and sketches, but I quickly realized that I had a lot of photographs to show and passions to talk about.
That's why I really want to thank you for visiting this blog, for (the few) messages you left and to make it be "alive".
I'm always surprised when I see how many visits I got and how far people are from too (United States, Russia, United Kingdom or Venezuela, Turkey or Indonesia...and so on) and it proves me that there are not only my friends who are checking it...

“On the other side of a downward spiral
 My love for you went viral
 And I loved you every mile you drove away
 But now here you are again
 So let's skip the "how you been"
 And get down to the "more than friends" at last…”        > Train

* did you watch Arctic Monkeys playing in the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony ?? No, check here! to listen or here to watch! (I'll marry Alex Turner one day...)

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It is always nice to read you! I think critics and comments are always good to improve my blog and hope you enjoy it as much as I do working on it.
Thank you. xx