Monday, October 01, 2012


I was impatient to hear Muse's new album even if I was quite disappointed by their two first singles...

And so?

First impression : good. I was worried about it, because I  read/heard a lot of things (randomly : chaos, Queen, dubstep, physics, opera, electro...), but music is great (containing all those elements) and not too commercial (OK, it is, but music is really great!)

They've got lots of influences (Big Freeze sounds like U2, some moments are like Queen and Panic Station makes me think about INXS) and new things (electro sounds and Chris's voice (the bassist) on 2 songs he wrote himself (Save me and Liquid State))
The first song is amazing (could be a superhero-movie soundtrack, mixing classical music and rock as it was the case in the smart The Resistance), but the two last ones are a bit scary...annoucement of the end of the world?

Now I just want to see them performing in a stadium (if you doubt, listen to Follow me or Supremacy)

"Don't let the sun in your heart decay..."   > Muse

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