Wednesday, May 22, 2013

orange crush

I really like orange for summer (especially when we're sun-tanned), but while wearing my new sparkling OPI orange favourite polish, I realised I was listening to bands with  ginger singers...haha

"In the morning light let my roots take pride
Watch me from above like a vicious ghost
They don't see me come, who can blame them?
Never seem to catch my eye but I never wondered why
I won't fall asleep..."      
> Imagine Dragons                    

We only know, what we see
Cause we're always fast asleep
Cause it's so hard not to believe
That we'll never know
Oh hold, hold, hold, hold me close
I've never been this far from home
Hold, hold, hold me close  
> Two Door Cinema Club

PS: The title quote a REM's song...

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