Saturday, March 01, 2014

what is this thing...?

I know I've not made a music review for a long time...(last was in September).

This winter, I was listening to the radio when I heard a voice that I already knew, but couldn't name whose it was... : Tom Smith *, vocalist of Editors (I saw them once in live, few years ago, but didn't really begin to listen to them properly since now...).
Their last album is gorgeous and romantic (look at that beautiful picture cover!)! There is all kinds of songs and I really appreciate Tom's voice which is deep, clear and responding perfectely to violins...


Besides this album, here the songs I add to my winter playlist :

Joshua Radin -  "cross that line" / "with me" / "Like they used to" / "your rainy days"
Maximo Park -  "Books from boxes"
Boy & Bear -  "Fall at your feet"
Foster the People -  "Waste" / "Coming of age"
Tired Pony -  "Carve our names" / "Ravens and wolves"
The Wombats -  "1996"
Balthazar -  "Leipzig"
George Ezra -  " Did you hear the rain?"
The 1975 -  "Girls"
Henson Keaton -  "10am gare du nord" / "on the news"
Eskobar -  "One day"
Scissor sister -  "Only the horses"
Andrew Belle -  "Dark matter" / "sister" / "The Daylight"
Eliott Smith -  "Between the bars"
The Boxer Rebellion -  "Keep moving"
Andy Burrows - "Shaking the color"
The Rambling Wheels - "Marylou"

“What is this thing called love that you speak?
 Cause we're out of it.
 We're out of it…” 
> Editors 

*Tom Smith also worked with Andy Burrows on Smith&Burrows project   :)

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