Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my cloudy nails

I wanted to try something new...I looked at the sky and found an idea.
I chose three colours and superimposed them with a little sponge.

“Waited for your call, for the moon
To release me from the longest afternoon
I've re-arranged parts of my living room
But time is hard to kill since I met you
Woo-oh, oh-oh, all the pretty things that we could do
Woo-oh, oh-oh, I feel you in every heart beat
Woo-oh, oh-oh, were you ever in a dream that could come true
These numbers could be lucky for you
Watch the sky change to a darkened blue
I can't think of another thing to do
And every song just makes me think of you
Because the singers sounds as if she was longing,
As if she was longing, too
I read your name on every wall, on every wall - tell me
Is there a cure for me at all, for me at all…”                                                   > Boy

* nail polishes: first one = Sephora ("oh my chérie!")/grey = OPI (can see it here! or there!)/ white = H&M

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